How we began..

Hello wonderful community!
2 years ago I would have never guessed that I would have left my cozy full time day job to be a full time mommy and start a business with a couple thousand customers under my belt.
Almost 2 years ago my newborn son failed his newborn screening and we were buckled in for a rollercoaster ride of a lifetime. My son got his first pair of hearing aids at 9 weeks old. I was already in awe of him in his cute hearing aids but i was terrified about loosing his hearing aids. I looked online for retention cords and I just did not feel comfortable using long dental floss cords on an infant. So I decided to make my own fabric cords and a big button that could be adjusted to reduce cord slack around the neck and Ear Suspenders was born. The best way to help your child embody confidence with their "ears" is by allowing them to personalize their "ears" (and make the other kids jealous, only kidding). My goal is to help each child feel their best!
To my customers, thank you! I wouldn't have come this far if it weren't for my customers who support small business like myself.

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