Pre-Twisted Unicorn wraps - (crystle color and solid white) set of 10 colors- Tube Decor & Cable Protection


This set comes wit 10 Unicorn Tube wraps. Comes in 3 sizes (3inches, 6inches & 10 inches). Great for mixing and matching colors. These are a magical wraps that can instantly change your tube/cable from looking drab to magical in minutes. Unicorn wraps can also increase the longevity of the cable by reducing kinks at the weak spots of the cable.

How to use for Tube..

To use 2 colors. Twist the 2 colors together until you get the desired length. Make sure they are both spiraling in the same direction.
Then twist the colors around the tube. You may need to determine which direction of the twist is to determine if you will wrap the tube from right to left or left to right. Twist all the way down to the mold and cut off excess. Your hearing aids are now lucky with a bit of unicorn magic!

How to use for CI Cable...
(To increase flexibility, stretch the coil. You will not break this.
1. Select 2 colors and twist the two colors until you reach the desired length. (You can also stick with one color and skip this step.
2. Then continue wrapping around the cable until you reach the base to the other side. (Do not wrap to tightly, allow natural bending of the cable.
3. Wrap around the base 3-4 times.
4. Carefully cut the excess off.

Each accessory is custom made and made to order. We also offer a Velcro option for customers who prefer to accessorize the coil. Please indicate in the message if you would like Velcro instead.

*** Unfortunately the hearing aid does not come with the item. (bummer, I know).

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