Hearing Aid or Cochlear Implant Heaband w/ Detachable Bow - Adjustable Length - Clear Silicone Sleeve - Non Slip Grip - for all ages


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Anchor Ear Bands are carefully designed to offer functionality and peace of mind to hearing aid wearers of all types.

Features of our headband:

-Clear silicone hearing aid sleeves.

-Headband is lined with silicone for a non slip grip.

-Adjustable headband allows you to adjust the headband to a comfortable fit.

-Silicone sleeves slide up and down the headband and allows you to align the hearing aids perfectly to the ears.

-Fits standard hearing aid sizes.

- Accessorize with headband clips. Every charm sold in our store has a headband clip option.

-Now offering Sibling headbands. Siblings can now match their brother or sister with hearing aids. (The sibling headbands come without the silicone sleeves). Sibling headbands are also accessorize-able with headband clips.

To order...

1. Select from the ala carte options.
HA= hearing aid sleeve
CI = cochlear implant sleeve
Bimodal = hearing aid and cochlear implant sleeve
Bilateral = 2 sleeves, same device
Unilateral = 1 sleeve
Sibling band = no sleeve
Clip only = no headband, just accessory

2. Finish shopping and check out.

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